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The clever project planner.


AdaptivPlan - The clever project planner

Create great plans

in no time


Adapt to changes


Easily keep the


Create great plans in no time

Time is your most precious resource. AdaptivPlan finds the best order and schedule of tasks based on your organization’s goals and constraints, and makes sure that your plans are achievable and match reality. This way our clever project planner helps you create great plans in no time.

Adapt to changes instantly

Give chaos no chance! With AdaptivPlan your plan continuously adapts to changes in real-time. Whether reported progress is faster or slower than expected or your colleague called in sick for a week, you immediately see what this means for your plan and how to respond to the new situation the best.

Easily keep the overview

At a single glance you can see your projects’ status, which makes it really easy for you to make great decisions. And thanks to continuous updates of your project plan, AdaptivPlan lets you know when a new challenge is spotted on the horizon, so you can respond and solve it early on.




Easy to use

You are in good company…

I was astonished to finally have found the quantum leap in project management software.

Klaus Tumuscheit

Project Management Consultant, project`ing GmbH

AdaptivPlan is exactly what our team needed. It’s amazing how fast and easy we can plan and respond to changes.

Johanna Ludwig

Co-founder, Head of Technology, akvola Technologies

The look and feel is appealing, easy and transparent. I really like it.

Dr. Thomas Juli

Managing Director, Thomas Juli Empowerment Partners

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Give chaos no chance!

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AdaptivPlan is a clever planning tool for project management. It is our goal to provide you with a software solution that frees you from time consuming planning work and allows you to make more progress faster.

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